The Ask God! Quick Reference Bible Guide is a tool to help guide you to the Bible.  During each show whenever a panelist referances part of the Bible you will see a Quick Reference pop up.  Now it’s easier for you to follow along!  You can print up the Quick Reference Bible Guides before the show and read the scriptures as they are mentioned.  Also, this is a great resource to help you in further discussions on these topics with those you care about.  Simply click on the PDF file, download, and print!  You can now have a quick tool handy during discussions to help you guide others to the Bible!  Enjoy!

Quick Reference Bible Guides

Click below to download PDF file

QR_What’s Up with Faith?
QR_Why Do I Have to Forgive?
QR_Is God Pro-War?
QR_Evil in God’s Name
QR_Why All the Suffering?
QR_Questions from Kids
QR_Spiritual Mysteries
QR_Who is God?
QR_What’s the Meaning of Life?
QR_Does God Play Favorites?
QR_Is Hell Real?
QR_What’s Heaven Like?